There comes a time in every young medical student’s life where he or she has to buy his or her first stethoscope. The stethoscope plus doctor uniform that you happened to get from your girlfriend on your 21st birthday purchased at a dodgy store located in the “whore district” of your town just won’t do anymore – plus need one that’s been disinfected thoroughly.

I ended up purchasing a 3M Littmann Cardiology III stethoscope from mainly because our class had gotten an exclusive 10% off deal from them. The whole thing ended up costing me less than $200 with shipping. I got my stethoscope delivered to my Australian address within 2 business days. I’m quite happy with my purchase – they were fast and friendly.  If I had more time I would’ve shopped around.  Some of my classmates ended up going the Ebay route.  The only problem with Ebay is that it could take weeks before you received your stethoscope – that’s if you get it at all. However, on the plus side Ebay always has great deals.

Another online Australian store that offers medical supplies is They are more expensive than Medshop, but they do offer laser engraving which is nice. I’ll probably get my stethoscope laser engraved at a local store in the future because I have a tendency to lose things – my mind included. You can probably get a better deal from either of these stores if you offer to buy the stethoscopes in bulk. They might be able to waiver the shipping costs or give you a 10% discount like our class got. In any case, whatever you do don’t go and buy a pink stethoscope. It just makes you look like a whore.