I’m beginning to notice that there is a lot more to be expected of you in second year.  You can’t skip as many classes, you can’t show up late to lectures, and you definitely have to open up a textbook once in a while.  Hmmm, it’s going to take some time getting use to.   OK let’s just put it out there, I really hate studying.  I just wish I could coast through medical school but no retard is ever going to hand you a medical degree without doing anything… well maybe at certain schools… YOU know which ones!

The classroom drama still keeps everybody, especially me, entertained.  “Blondie” gained about 100 lbs, “SBB’s” boobs got bigger over the summer break (I did not think that was possible), SBB and Mop Head broke up over the summer and now there’s this awkward tension between them – it doesn’t help that they’re in the same class.  How many times must I tell people that dating your fellow medical school classmate is a bad idea?

The class seems noticeably smaller because there were quite a few people who dropped out or failed in my year.  Which is fine with me as long as I’m not one of them.  I figure I only have one chance to do everything and I want to do it right the first time.  I’m going to try to not procrastinate as much this year, but promising myself that is like asking Britney to promise not to flash her vajayjay in public.  Hell, I’m procrastinating right now by writing this damn post.

Love.  It’d be nice to be in that ideal relationship where she does everything and I do nothing.  By “everything” I mean cook, clean, and the occasional “knitting.”  But sadly, the perfect woman does not exist.  OH and it would be nice if she didn’t talk as much.  As a busy med student, I shouldn’t even be thinking of meeting somebody.  It’s just way too much effort.  I’m beginning to realize that I don’t have a lot of opportunities to meet anybody new.  I mean I have my medical school friends and then I have my home friends which so happens that most of them are medical students in upper years anyway.  For once I’d like to meet somebody who’s doing a bullshit degree, like arts, and talk about things totally unrelated to medicine.  Mind you, I would never marry this person.  Hmmm, maybe I’ll find a part-time job, meet a girl doing arts, have interesting conversations about me, and bring her home so she can clean my apartment…  I’ll let you know how that goes…