A few weeks ago I wrote a post about getting ready to start my first second semester of medical school and in it I mentioned how much I would love it if “Sally Big Boobs” was in my CBL group…for obvious reasons of course. Well she is and we’re going to have lots of good times together this semester. Sally Big Boobs” or SBB as she will be called from here on in is actually one of my good medical school friends and she’s sort of a slut tease. By tease I mean she likes to go out and take her clothes off and wave her lady bits at everybody. I mean seriously, who needs hands to wave when you have gigantic melons?

I am always amazed at the sort of clothing she likes to put on…if you can even call it clothing…it’s more like cloth? She really loves accentuating her chest area with the low cut shirts that she borrows from her dolls. Not that I’m complaining. Although it doesn’t seem like I’m learning anything when she’s around which could potentially be a bad thing. Looking at her makes me wonder if people will actually take her seriously. I know she’s really intelligent because I’ve had conversations with her in the past and they weren’t just about random stuff like Justin Timberlake, Paris Hilton, or breast enhancements (there’s no such thing as “too big.”); We actually talk about current medical issues or material relating to the course. Despite her not so obvious intelligence, she’s actually a really nice person. If her colleagues don’t take her seriously, based on first impressions, because of the way she dresses and behaves how are her patients ever going to take her seriously? I guess it’s one of those things that she’s going to need to change eventually. Then again she can use her sexuality to further her career; but you don’t want to be known as “That Girl.” I wish I could use my body to further my career…sigh.


Here in Australia the doctors don’t wear scrubs all the time. Instead they wear professional business attire, i.e. slacks and a button down shirt with the option of wearing a tie or not for the men and women wear bikinis pant suits and usually a blouse around the hospital. I think it’s because doctors don’t want to really associate themselves with the nurses and the orderlies who all wear scrubs to work. Using clothing is a way of keeping order in the hospital and to help the patients distinguish between a doctor and an orderly. To be honest, I don’t think patients give a shit. As long as they get their drugs they don’t care if a donkey is giving it to them. The only time I saw doctors wearing scrubs is when they’re in the operating room or theatre as they call it here. I think the only possible solution to SBB’s clothing problem is that when she’s actually working in a hospital she’s going to need to follow strict hospital guidelines; however, I’m sure she’ll find a way to unveil her headband tube-tops at work.