Over the past week I got the opportunity to follow around a very well respected surgeon.  If it wasn’t for the fact that my apartment is located merely a few steps away from the hospital front door I probably would’ve been way too lazy to do anything productive over my mini break.  To be honest with you, this was the part that I was looking forward to the most during my holiday despite the fact that I had to get up before 8am (I know, I know that’s about 8 hours earlier than when I normally get up).  I mean how many first year medical students get exposure to any clinical work?  The opportunity was way too good to pass up.

It is true what they say, you do learn more about medicine in a clinical setting.  Everything just seemed to make sense and the bullshit information seemed to be trimmed from the teacher’s explanation; which was nice because I sometimes have an attention span of a freaking goldfish.  I like the fact that you learn what you need to learn.  I learnt that surgery is all about routine.  It’s not as scary as people make it out to be.  Although I would much rather be the one holding the scalpel than the one under it.

The first surgery I witnessed during my stint was a tonsillectomy on a rather mature 2 year old girl.  Yeah I know it’s not like I got to see open heart surgery or anything like that, but hey we all have to start somewhere.  Even though it was a minor procedure lasting no longer than half an hour once everything was in place, I will always remember it…just like the first time I “barely” had sex in my old 1987 Ford Tempo.  I remember the car, but I don’t remember the girl….  Anyway, the scrubs were really comfortable!  No wonder doctors save so much money; they never have to buy clothes ever again.  OK back to the tonsillectomy… all I have to say about that is I hope I never have to get mine out!  They place your head in this weird metal apparatus that keeps your mouth propped wide open like you’re about to catch a swarm of flies…and then the surgeon goes in there and basically rips your tonsils out in one forceful pull AND THEN they attempt to clean up the mess that’s left behind in your mouth.  OH I kid you not!  It wasn’t pretty, but really awesome to see.  It was nice to just stand around watching these scalpel jocks pull things out of people’s bodies like it was a scavenger hunt.  I can’t wait until the day I become more than just an observer.