Who brings books with them on vacation? A medical student that’s who! Yes the life of a medical student is incredibly exciting. From 3am study sessions to 8 am classes it’s like a freaking party in medical school every single day! Seriously though, it’s about as much fun as shoving your hand up an 80 year old man and palpating his prostate while listening to him moan like a dying seal. Well that’s what I hear anyway.

Medical School Entertainment

To keep myself entertained in medical school I like to participate in my class drama. By “participate” I mean help spread the rumours as fast as I can. It’s like I’m living in a low budget soap opera. Most of the drama developed from my classmates boinking each other. I remember explicitly saying that I would never date another classmate in a previous post, but since my class is so wrapped up in drama it’s really hard not to take part. And I like to take part HARD! (That made no sense, but I know we see eye to eye…”you” know who you are!)

Two weekends ago, right before I went away for spring break (yeah spring break in Australia is in September…weird I know) one of my buddies in medical school told me that his friend, who happens to be in our class, wanted my phone number. At first I was like, “phone number for what?” It just shows that I’ve been out of the dating game for a while. To be honest I wasn’t looking for anything serious or looking at all because I recently got out of a relationship. I was really enjoying my time being single, focussing on medical school, and just meeting cool people.

Bad Relationships You Always Go Back To

I know that we all have that one relationship, that one person you always go back to when things don’t work out in your life. Unfortunately for me, that person is half way around the world and no matter who I’m dating, no matter where I am I always thought I would end up with her even though our relationship was volatile at times. We still keep in contact and there’s just a familiarity there that you can’t replicate with anybody else. I’ve tried to ignore her, but I’m weak and sometimes I just give in. Yeah I have a messed up love life.

The New Girl

I really enjoy spending time with her. She’s just a really cool chick and my friends think she’s hot so that’s a bonus. But really would you expect The Rejected to date an Uggo? The problem is I think one of my closest buddies in medical school has his eye on her. They went to high school together and I guess they sort of have a history. I think if he explicitly told me to back off then I would. I move on pretty fast… but I’m no manwhore… well not on Sundays anyway. Yes, of course she’s blonde, intelligent, and most importantly she has big… OK really, what the hell is my problem?

It Is What It Is

I’m just going to have fun and whatever happens, happens. Really though, I’m not a good person to date. I will just end up breaking your heart and maybe I’m just meant to be single the rest of my life. I’m not really looking for a relationship and we all know that when you stop looking opportunities will appear. In this case, opportunity appeared and is kicking me in the ass.. hard. Medical school is stressful enough and I really don’t need to add anymore drama to my life… I know I’m going to mess this up!