The 2 universities in Montreal are McGill University (English speaking) and University of Montreal (French speaking). 

How to contact McGill University Faculty of Medicine to set up your medical electives:

Mailing Address:

McGill University

Faculty of Medicine

3655 Drummond Street,

Montreal, Quebec,

N3G 1Y6


Telephone Number: +1 514 398 3517

Fax Number: +1 514 398 4631


Hospitals affiliated with McGill University:

Montreal Children’s

Montreal General

Montreal Neurological

Sir Mortimer B Davis-Jewish General

Shriner’s Crippled Children’s

Douglas Hospital

Royal Victoria Hospital

*Many hospitals outside Quebec are also associated.  Instruction in McGill institutions is English.


Information on applying to set up a medical elective at McGill University:

Apply to McGill University at any of their institution.  They can also help out with accommodation.  Try to stay at the McGill-affiliated halls of residence to meet lots of people.  You should stay at Royal Victoria College if you get the chance.