These are the things that matter to me as a medical student:

1. Family

2. Food

3. Shelter

4. Friends

5. Money

6. Love interest

7. Working Out

1 provides 2 and 3.  Without 1 I’d be homeless and starving and would therefore be unable to continue my studies.  There’s a fine line between being a medical student and a drunken bum.  4 comes and goes, but the true ones stay around forever.  I need 4 to stay sane sometimes.  4 is always there when I need them and I am there when they need me.  Sometimes 4 equals 6 and for some people 4 equals 5.  Speaking of 6, I have started 7 again in hopes that 6 will care enough to notice.  I think I’m ready to get out of this slump.