Now that I’m in medical school I often think about how easy life was when I was back in high school and back when I was in high school I often wished I was back in primary school again.  If the pattern holds true, I’m going to wish I was back in medical school when I’m working as a doctor.  Man getting old sucks.  Luckily for men there will always be those 20 something girls to keep us young…  I kid, I kid… OK well there might be some truth to that.  Anyway, here’s something I published last year regarding reminiscing about the good ol’ days. 

The Past Keeps Us Young Again 

Do you remember back when you were just a kid again:  no responsibilities, no pressure to perform, and lots of free time to do nothing.  I miss those days.  Although, if I was given the choice to rewind my life back to a much simpler time, I’d probably pass on the opportunity knowing full well that we all have to grow up sometime.  My fondest memory growing up was when I turned 16 and was finally able to drive.  Right then I knew that not only was I responsible for my life while on the road but others’ as well, and one misstep could lead to an unimaginable disaster.  I liked that type of responsibility.  I like being in control of a situation.  That feeling is something that also comes with medicine because being responsible for another person’s life can be overwhelming yet rewarding at the same time and that’s what medicine is all about. 

My first car was a tan colored ’87 Ford Tempo with black trim that was handed down to me by my older cousin.  Like every other guy, I decided to name my car as well.  I ended up naming it Katia because deep down I wished I was driving a foreign car instead of this ugly old piece of sh*t. Katia and I went through it all.  She endured so much from the short time we knew each other.  After 3 accidents, a busted air-conditioner, and a constant overheating engine (I guess it was her way of telling me she was fuming…pun intended), we had to depart ways.  Even though Katia can be a moody b*tch sometimes, she provided a very memorable backdrop to the movie that was my life at the time.  Don’t get me wrong, the four-door sedan provided lots of room at the back for uh hum you know what – “knitting.”  But it’s not fun when you’re driving around with your date and she suddenly turns to you with one raised eyebrow and asks you “uh is it supposed to smoke like that?”  You begin to smile because you thought she said something else and then you finally realize that seconds from now you could be trapped in a great ball of fire.  It’s a definite mood killer. O Katia, may you rest in peace – I’ll always reminisce about the times we had back then, along with all the fond memories from my childhood.