The Mayo Foundation and Mayo Clinic is the world’s largest group practice, and the medical school is an important part of it.  The clinics, run as outpatients, are in 3 locations: Rochester (Minnesota), Jacksonville (Florida), and Scottsdale (Arizona).  4 hospitals (St. Mary’s Rochester, Rochester Methodist, St. Luke’s, Jacksonville and May Clinic Hospital, Scottsdale) are linked for tuition and the referral of patients.  All off very high-tech subspecialities.  There are also rural health centers.  There are great research opportunities with Mayo, and because teh small class size, one-to-one teaching is common.

How to contact Mayo Medical School to set up your medicine electives:

Mayo Medical School

200 First Street

SW Rochester, MN


Telephone Number: +1 507 284 3671

Fax Number: +1 507 284 2634