Getting an internship spot in 2012 is going to be a difficult task especially in Victoria.  Roughly 600 positions are are guaranteed to Australians who are trained in that state and about 100 spots are allocated to interstate and international applicants.  This makes it very difficult for international graduates to get a decent internship in a desirable location.  Most internationals will be forced to rural areas if they want to complete their internship.

Medical internship is required for full registration and the Australian government does not guarantee this to their international graduates.  This has always been the subject of much debate.  Australia is becoming an undesirable place to attend medical school especially for North Americans.  If you’re an American or Canadian a better option would be to go to the Carribbean if you weren’t successful in obtaining a spot in the US or Canada.  Furthermore, quite a few people decide to go to the UK or Ireland due to closer proximity.  It is also becoming way too expensive to study in Australia given the strength of the Australian dollar and the rising cost of medical school.  University of Sydney graduates may have to pay up to $300,000 for their degree if you factor in living expenses.

So do I regret going to Australia to study?  No not really.  In the end I get to be a doctor and that’s all that matters.