Athought considered by many to be more of a country town than a city, Adelaide has wonderful beaches, wines and a good music scene.  It’s not usually on the tourist route and hence is not so often visited on electives.  This is a good place to go, however, if you’ve done Australia before and want to work in a very friendly major teaching hhospital.

There are two universities in South Australia, both are in Adelaide.

How to contact the University of Adelaide to set up your medical electives:

University of Adelaide

Medical School, Frome Road, Adelaide, SA 5000

Telephone Number: +61 8 8303 5193

Fax Number: +61 8 8303 3788

How to contact Flinders University to set up your medical electives:

Flinders University

School of Medicine, Flinders University of South Australia, Bedford Park SA, 5042

or GPO 2100, SA 5001

Telephone Number: +61 8 8204 4160

Fax Number: +61 8 8204 5845

Information about the Royal Adelaide Hospital:

Royal Adelaide Hospital

North Terrace, Adelaide, SA5000

Telephone Number: +61 8 8222 4000

Fax Number: +61 8 8223 4761

The hospital is a very friendly major hospital.  You can walk to the city centre in two minutes and it’s surrounded by botanical gardens and parks.  It is a centre for diving medicine and world centre for training in baromedicine.  The hospital itself came from a humbe background, starting as the Colonial Infirmary in 1837.  Three of its four patiends died, but it is now one of Australia’s largest teaching hospitals.

There is high-quality teaching in both medicine and surgery.  It’s great if you are a bit of a diver.  As an elective student you are givein a great deal of responsibility.