Australia is a very popular destination.  Early planning is key as most hospitals work on a first come, first served basis.  It is also worth nothing that Australian students have a massive summer holiday between November and February.  This can mean that the hospitals get a bit quiet – good if you want individual attention and the chance to do procedures, not so good if you want formal teaching and to make friends.  If you have to go at this time of year, think about going with a frient.

If you want to do Aboriginal work, aim for the Northern Territories and Darwin.  If you are planning to travel around Australia, book flights before you go as this can work out half the price of booking them once you are there.  Australians are proud of their country and will want you to go and see it.

Like most places, if you want to do a lot of hands on clinical work I suggest going to a Rural area.  Alice Springs is a popular destination.  You will get a lot of exposure to all different types of medicine including tropical medicine.  The Aboriginal community provides an opportunity to see diseases that are not common in Western countries anymore but are common on third world countries such as tuberculosis and malaria.

The north of Australia is warm all year round and particularly humid during the summer monsoon.  The east and southeast are fairly temperate.  The warmest months are December to February.  The coolest months are from June to August.  Although Australia is not a violent country, crime is increasing in some inner city and Aboriginal areas.