It is a fact that most medical students will leave medical school with some form of debt.  In addition to medical school debt, some students also have loans from their undergraduate days.  It is not uncommon to have $100,000+ worth of debt by the time you graduate from medical school and some students studying in the Caribbean will have accumulated a massive $300,000 debt for their medical education.  Scary isn’t it?

Luckily there are ways to leave medical school debt free!  I was watching an episode of “Private Practice” the other day (yes I watch that crap..) about a pre-medical student whoring herself out for some extra cash for medical school.  She wasn’t your typical Izzy Stevens (yes I watch that crap too…) who did “modeling” to help pay for her medical schooling.  First of all this girl hadn’t even heard of the MCAT and throughout the whole episode she was under the impression that if she had the money to pay for school they would let her in… Well maybe in the Caribbean… but not a US or a Canadian medical school.  I didn’t realise that being an “escort” was so glamourous.  She even got to go on an all expenses paid trip to Dubai with her “clients.”  Needless to say she got her ass kicked by one of her clients at the end and yet she still convinced herself that prostitution was the solution to her financial problems… ok where the hell am I going with this?

I know that a lot of you have thought about prostituting yourself to pay for things, well myself included, and I got to tell ya.. it doesn’t always work out the way you planned it.  So if you’re one of those people who are in lots of debt when you graduate, remember that at least you were able to borrow money to finance your education.  Some people aren’t so lucky despite being reallly bright and thus have to give up their seat in medical school.  I’ll be in debt when I graduate, but at least I’ll be in a secure profession virtually untouchable even during a recession.  Times are hard now, but there are thousands of people in far worse situations than you.