Now that I’m nearing the end of my formal university medical training I am forced to once again reassess my future.  When I first started medicine… damn that sounds like ages ago… I was carefree, debt-free, and promiscuous.  I like to believe that I am now only two of those things.   Now I have to think about paying back all that money I stole… erm ‘borrow.’  Banks are evil… they will cut you at the knees and make you marry a racist all in the name of coercing you into paying them back!

As much as I want to do my internship in a big city, I don’t think my finances allows me to do so.  I do have to face reality and be a grown up for once.  OK option A) I could get out of debt fast by going rural meaning I can probably pay my loans off in less than 5 years while casually working hard.  Plus it’s hell cheap to live in a rural area.  The government also subsidise some of your rent.  I won’t be going out because I’ll be too afraid to mingle with the toothless locals.. so there’s lots of money saved right there.  I won’t meet anybody so I’ll save money on a wedding, dates, and morning after pills.  All pluses I guess.  Or option B) Go to a big city, get laid, and then live happily ever after.  Choices.  Choices.

Seriously though, there’s lots of money to be made in rural healthcare.  I’ve met locums who were making $200 an hour who were only PGY3.  Consultants/Attendings make about $2500 a day depending on the medical speciality.  Plus the hospital pays for your accommodations and travel expenses.  Some doctors just do 2 weeks at a time, or do 6 months and take 6 months off.  With that kind of salary coupled with smart investments you’re on the fast track to becoming a multi-millionaire.  I have met doctors who are millionaires.  It’s becoming more and more common these days.  But are they happy?  Yeah I’d say so.