Today I had one of my friends come up to me and ask me if there was something going on with me and New Chick – we’ll call her NC from now on.  I said, “No.  Why would there be?”  in which he responded, “Dude you’ve been hanging around her quite a bit.”  Well I have.  I also hang around other people in the class quite a bit, but that doesn’t mean I’m boinking them.  Yeah I know “boinking” isn’t the medical term for it, but I’d like to keep this blog rated borderline PG-13 thank you. 

Is it really feasible to have a girlfriend while in medical school?  Isn’t it just better to be friends with benefits?  Maybe I’ll run that by her tomorrow and see what she says.  Anyway, it’s one thing to date a random chick, but it’s another ball game when you date somebody in medicine let alone date somebody in your medical year!  I don’t know what the hell I want.  If this was 5th grade I would be throwing rocks at her and then running away because that’s what boys do when they like somebody.  Well things haven’t changed that much I guess.  A rock to the face always says “I love you.”

I think it would be hot if she just flat out and said, “Look, I really like you and let’s see where this goes.  Also, I’m not looking for anything serious – just a night cap here and there.”  Yeah that’s hot.  But instead I get people coming up to me telling me that she likes me and shit.  I just pretend I don’t know anything which most of the time I don’t.  I’m pretty oblivious when it comes to these things.  So that’s why I need a girl to spell it out for me.