So I’m sitting here feeling relieved that I have finally made it through my first semester of medical school…well sort of.   All that’s left is a simple OSCE worth very little marks and probably will not be the deciding factor that keeps me from entering second semester.   I would have to be a complete tool to fail this one…(hmmm, I know what you’re thinking…) To get my mind off school for a little while and to keep me from practicing my interview skills for tomorrow’s semi-important OSCE I have decided to compile my thoughts about this semester into a list.  Warning…You may feel offended.  Hey, sometimes it’s nice to put a disclaimer in my posts – it makes it a little bit “taboo.”  Am I even using that right?  Anyway…

13 is the number of lecture weeks I had to endure during this semester.

2 is the number of weeks total worth of lectures I probably skipped out on.

4 is the number of CBL presentations I decided not to attend, but then the professor caught on that nobody gave a damn about these things so they started taking attendance towards the end.

137 was the number of people we started out with in the course.

124 is the number of people who wrote the final exams.   At least 2 people I know of dropped out of medicine completely…and then the face of the earth for that matter.

98 is the number of people I wished had dropped out. 

0 is the number of times I pulled an all-nighter!  I’m really proud of myself for this one…although 5-6 hours of sleep a night during the weekdays is torture…which brings me to my next point.

23 is the number of times somebody mentioned how tired I looked.  23 also happen to be the number of times I wanted to punch somebody out…and then test out my new first-aid skills.

6 is the number of people I’m close with in my class.

538 is the total number of questions “Question Girl” asked so far.  538 is also the number of moans and “shut the fuck ups” she heard every time a question was asked.

5 is the number of lectures the professors decided not to show up for. 

59 is the number of times the professors put me into a coma during their lectures…and all 59 times I had drool running down the side of my mouth…with hints of “Meat Pie.” (see below)

3 is the number of planes I had to get on to get from Canada to Australia.  They really need to start thinking about providing direct flights from Toronto to Australia…then again, it’s Canada and our airlines are crap.

210 was the amount of money I had to pay because my luggage was too heavy for domestic flights.

900 was the amount of money that was stolen from me when I first arrived in Australia.  Long story, I might disclose the situation at a later date. 

14 is the number of days I stayed at a backpacker’s hostel until I found an apartment.  4 was the number of days I stayed for free because I “forgot” to pay and they didn’t notice.

34 is the number of Australian “Meat Pies” I bought and obviously inhaled like it was crack.  27 is the number of times I wasn’t too sure of what I was actually eating.

0 is the number of kangaroos and wallabies I have seen since I’ve been here….seen lots of drunk people that looked like a cracked out kangaroo, but still no real live kangaroo or wallaby to be seen anywhere.  The Australians must’ve have wiped them out too like they did with the Aboriginals…ouch.  And on that note I’m going to go take my much needed vacation!