You don’t have to be a genius to figure out that dating one of your classmates is a terrible idea.  Luckily, medicine, just like any other profession, is littered with people without common sense.  I don’t even know why I bother to give people advice anymore when they all end up doing whatever the hell they want anyway.

One of my good friends in medical school (no it’s not SBB) started dating this guy at the beginning of the year who just so happens be one of our classmates.  I guess having a little fun at the beginning of the year when you don’t really know anybody doesn’t hurt.  Boinking one another is a great way to meet people.  However, when the relationship dissolves, that person is unavoidable.

The problem with dating people from your class is that they’re always there because we all share the exact same schedule.  They’re there at 9am when the day starts and there at 5pm when it ends.  Not to mention that a lot of us take the same bus home every day.  Imagine seeing somebody you obvious don’t want to see ALL THE TIME.  Needless to say she’s gone totally insane because of this.

I Love Being Right

This might come as a shock to you all but I have been in past relationships before and because of that I know that after a break-up you just don’t ever want to see that person ever again.   Everything you thought was cute about the person automatically turns into annoyance.  Their laugh becomes annoying.  The way they walk becomes annoying.  The way they talk is annoying.  Well you get the idea.  Imagine going through this day in and day out on top of studying medicine!  My next advice to her is to start building her rubber room now because you’re going to need it later.  Well, unless she fails or he fails, it’s impossible to avoid one another.

Date Outside Your Race

No I don’t mean ethnicity, although I’m all for dating outside your race, or date other mammals, what I meant was date people out of the medical race or at the very least date somebody in a different medical year.  Arguably, doctors and med students are a different species.  We are high strung, self-absorbed, neurotic, driven, intense, and highly competitive (did I miss anything?).  Thank god we have (will have in a med student’s case) money to buy whatever it is we want and that definitely includes a future wife.   Maybe I’ll buy a Russian mail-ordered bride to love me one day.  I’ll keep you posted. 

Now if she just took my advice in the beginning and avoided dating somebody in our class, then she would be a much happier person right now instead of packing her crazy bag for her trip to the Rubber Room… hmmmm Rubber Room… that’s a good name for a Club.  On that note, how many of you have dated somebody in your class and did it work out?  For me, the last thing I want to do is talk about medicine when I get home from a long day so I tend to avoid my own kind if it is possible.  However, we’re constantly surrounded by people in healthcare and eventually I’m going to have to give in.