Christchurch School of Medicine is in and uses Christchurch Hospital for its clinical training.  It is the major teaching hospital of the University of Otago.  They can arrange electives in all specialities, alhtough some students have found that they can’t do general medicine or surgery as these are full with their own students.  This is extremely popular destination.  Organize your electives incredibly early in order to get the best opportunity to experience an amazing medical elective in an awesome country!

How to contact Christchurch School of Medicine to set up your medical student electives:

Write to:

Christchurch School of Medicine

Christchurch Hospital, PO Box 4345, Christchurch, New Zealand

Telephone Number: +64 3 364 0824

Fax Number: +64 3 +364 0935

Contact the Hospital:

Christchurch Hospital

Riccarton Avenue, Private Bag 4710, Christchurch, South Island

Telephone Number: +64 364 0640

Fax Number: +64 3 364 0453

Christchurch Public hospital is the major acute hospital with 640 beds for the city and surrounding area.  It has many large and well-organized departments.  Quite a few British doctors work here.  There are many local as well as elective medical students.

Hospital Departments Include:

Cardiology – comprising a 30-bed long-stay ward, a day ward, coronary care unit, intesnsive care, catheter lab and outpatient department, all of which you can rotate through.

Emergency – a busy friendly unit seeing 65,000 patients a year with a 40% admission rate.  This is arguably one of the best attachments.  Not much planned teaching but plenty by the bedside.

Bone marrow transplant – the team look after those with an underlying haematological problem.  Students have previously been able to do lumbar punctures and bone marrow biopsies and give intrathecal medication.

Oncology – highly recommended, but there is less practical experience.

Neurosurgery, endocrinology, and dermatology – good.

Orthopaedics – offer some excellent teaching and the opportunity to visit the Burwood Spinal Injuries Unit, world renowned for treating tetraplegics and fro reconstruciton surgery; the department is also pretty relaxed allowing plenty of time to go exploring.

Accommodations: Not provided.  There is a local YMCA right opposite the hospital costing about NZ$90 a week for a shared room and another NZ$70 a week for cafeteria food as there are no self-catering facilities.  If you are there for more than a couple of weeks, you might be able to bargain and get it cheaper.  Sports facilities in the YMCA are good.  Book well in advance.