Pre-Meds Would Do ANYTHING to Get into Medical School

If you ask any pre-med student, “what would you do for a chance to study medicine?”  ninety-nine per cent of them will answer with an emphatic, “ANYTHING!” and then regret it later on.  Sometimes I feel like I’m trapped in a really bad reality television show along with thousands of other people all fighting for […]

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Medical School Makes You Old

Now that I’m in medical school I often think about how easy life was when I was back in high school and back when I was in high school I often wished I was back in primary school again.  If the pattern holds true, I’m going to wish I was back in medical school when […]

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Way back when I was applying to medical school I use to sit around mapping out ridiculous back-up plans just in case I was rejected from every single school I applied to. Man it seems so long ago.  This was my back-up plan at the time.  I wrote this a year ago and it’s definitely […]

Fortunate to be Doing Medicine

I wrote this a little over a year ago and I still think about the person in the toll booth today. Thinking about him makes me realize how fortunate I am to be studying medicine despite all late night studying and intravenous Red Bull injections. The People Beneath Us – My Views on the Working […]

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Heroes Live Forever

I was going through some of my vintage pre-medical archives and I stumbled upon some articles that I think needed to be published once again. I used to have way more articles on The Rejected, but lost it all when I decided to upgrade my blogging software to a newer version. At least I was […]

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