“The London” is a busy teaching hospital in the rough East End of London. Nearly all specialties are catered for. The emergency department is highly regarded. It has a helicopter emergency medical service on the roof that deals with all major trauma within the area enclosed by the M25 motorway. The [...]

St. Martholomew’s and the Royal London hospital merged withi Queen Mary and Westfield in 1993.  Bart’s is situated within the Square Mile of the city of Lonon in an attractive courtyard setting.  “The London” is in the Whitechapel, a pretty deprived area of London with many Asian and Muslim immigrants.  The hospitals therefore span the [...]

Oxford is well known for its academic excellence and has more to offer than just intellectual clinicians. 
How to contact Oxford University Medical School Offices to set up your Medical Student Electives: 
Mailing Address:
Oxford University
Medical School Offices, John Radcliffe Hospital,
Headington, Oxford, United Kingdom
Telephone Number: +44 1865 221689 or +44 1865 270207
Fax Number: +44 1865 750750
Oxford University [...]

The University of Cambridge is located in the United Kingdom and has a reputation of excellence.

How to contact University of Cambridge Faculty of Medicine to set up your medical electives:
Mailing Address:
Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Faculty of Medicine,
Hills Road, Cambridge,
Telephone Number: +44 1223 336700
Fax Number: +44 1223 336709
Hospitals affiliated with the University of Cambridge:
Addenbrooke’s Hospital [...]