Forward Med Girls

Today I had one of my friends come up to me and ask me if there was something going on with me and New Chick – we’ll call her NC from now on.  I said, “No.  Why would there be?”  in which he responded, “Dude you’ve been hanging around her quite a bit.”  Well I […]

For me it’s all about the chase. I know that’s a pompous way of finding a girlfriend, but like everything in my life I am much more satisfied if I have to work for it. Right now I’m not really working for it and that concerns me. It bores me to some extent and yeah […]

Who brings books with them on vacation? A medical student that’s who! Yes the life of a medical student is incredibly exciting. From 3am study sessions to 8 am classes it’s like a freaking party in medical school every single day! Seriously though, it’s about as much fun as shoving your hand up an 80 […]