Pregnant Medical Student

I was looking around the class today (you know to keep myself from falling asleep and embarrass myself by doing one of those scary neck bobbles) and I noticed that there was a pregnant chick in my class.  At first I thought she was one of the many girls in my class putting on the […]

I can’t really say that I’m an expert on dealing with stress because there are days when I just want to shave my head because the thought of having hair and washing it everyday stresses the shit out of me. I know, I know… psycho right? So a part of me understands Britney Spears and […]

Long Week in Medical School

It’s been a long ass week to say the least. The good news is I didn’t spend ANY money to buy my lunch at the rip off on campus cafeteria all week. They seriously need to stop overcharging the students for crappy food made from god knows what! Two pieces of week old bread and […]

1980s Anatomy

Gross Anatomy is one of those subjects that every medical student has to take along with the hands on learning approach to dissecting cadavers in order to get that elusive degree in medicine at the end of a long and torturous road. At first I was a little apprehensive about seeing a dead body plopped […]

Information Overload

Most people in my class are so overwhelmed it’s not even funny and we’re only 3 weeks into our second half of first year medicine. I predict that by the end of this semester there will be a handful of us having nervous breakdowns. I just hope I’m not one of them and if I’m […]

Professional Medical Attire

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about getting ready to start my first second semester of medical school and in it I mentioned how much I would love it if “Sally Big Boobs” was in my CBL group…for obvious reasons of course. Well she is and we’re going to have lots of good […]

Before you decide to apply to medical school I want you to sit down in a front of a mirror… possibly naked… and ask yourself this question:  Can I handle it?  No matter how hard you try predicting what medical school is like, you’re never going to know until you walk that path.  It’s only […]

Made the Same

As I stood there beside the cadaver with my eyes covered up with a pair of ugly plastic safety goggles that are clearly too big for my face and my mouth sealed shut afraid that human fat was going to magically find its way to the inside of my mouth, I realised that we are […]

Dissection Reflection

I know that for some people seeing a dead person for the first time can be a very traumatic event, but for me I didn’t think it was that big of a deal. I just figured that if I want to become a doctor I should get over this as soon as possible and stop […]

My First View at Surgery

Over the past week I got the opportunity to follow around a very well respected surgeon.  If it wasn’t for the fact that my apartment is located merely a few steps away from the hospital front door I probably would’ve been way too lazy to do anything productive over my mini break.  To be honest […]

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