I know I haven’t wrote anything in a LONG time, but you know how it is – life just gets in the way and before you know it you stop spending hours on end in front of a computer masturbating posting several times a day just so you don’t have to open another anatomy book. […]

Medical School Makes You Old

Now that I’m in medical school I often think about how easy life was when I was back in high school and back when I was in high school I often wished I was back in primary school again.  If the pattern holds true, I’m going to wish I was back in medical school when […]

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Forward Med Girls

Today I had one of my friends come up to me and ask me if there was something going on with me and New Chick – we’ll call her NC from now on.  I said, “No.  Why would there be?”  in which he responded, “Dude you’ve been hanging around her quite a bit.”  Well I […]

For me it’s all about the chase. I know that’s a pompous way of finding a girlfriend, but like everything in my life I am much more satisfied if I have to work for it. Right now I’m not really working for it and that concerns me. It bores me to some extent and yeah […]

A Medical Student’s Life Sucks Sometimes

Right now it sucks hard, but I constantly remind myself that I’m almost done my first year of medicine here in Australia so the pain is somewhat manageable. To be honest, the whole year seems to just fly by and it feels like I’ve been on autopilot for quite sometime now. The weekdays are pretty […]

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Who brings books with them on vacation? A medical student that’s who! Yes the life of a medical student is incredibly exciting. From 3am study sessions to 8 am classes it’s like a freaking party in medical school every single day! Seriously though, it’s about as much fun as shoving your hand up an 80 […]

I’m really starting to feel the heat that’s brought on by the eager gunners that populate my medical class… you know, the ones that look like troll dolls. Last week was shit for me because I had to work, study for an exam, put together a presentation and meet up with a chick at the […]

Studying Abroad and Missing Home

One of the problems with studying abroad is that you tend to miss home a lot.  I was going through some of my digital photo albums today looking for pictures to put on one of many websites I’m developing at the moment and stumbled upon a folder titled “Home.”   I miss home.  I miss my […]

Yes, It does Look Like Beef

Can you believe it?  I’m almost half way through my second semester of medical school and I’m pretty sure I don’t know shit about anything.  After deviating away from the lovely cadaver stories, I’ve decided to go back to it.  Man, there are so many stories about dissections that need to be told!  Tie Your […]

Dating in Medical School

You don’t have to be a genius to figure out that dating one of your classmates is a terrible idea.  Luckily, medicine, just like any other profession, is littered with people without common sense.  I don’t even know why I bother to give people advice anymore when they all end up doing whatever the hell […]

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