As I am nearing the end of my journey through medical school I have been more and more worried about paying back my loans.  At the time of application I was just excited to be given the opportunity to study medicine even though growing up I never wanted to be a doctor.  After finishing a […]

Pior to the financial crisis, it was much easier for medical students studying overseas to be approved for the full cost of their medical education all at once.  I have heard stories where students were even approved without a co-signer.  Back then, getting into medical school meant that banks would throw money at you knowing […]

I’m sure most of you who are on student loans in Canada have figured out by now that the current bank lending rate on professional lines of credit is now at a low 3.0% which is the current Canadian prime rate.  This is great if you have to borrow a lot of money to finance […]

The current Canada Bank Interest Rate for a medical student line of credit is at a low 3.5% which is also the current Canadian prime rate.  However, obtaining a medical student line of credit from any bank in Canada is quite difficult if you intend on studying abroad.  In the current economic crisis the banks […]

It is a fact that most medical students will leave medical school with some form of debt.  In addition to medical school debt, some students also have loans from their undergraduate days.  It is not uncommon to have $100,000+ worth of debt by the time you graduate from medical school and some students studying in […]

For some people getting into medical school was the easy part. In the current economy, getting a loan to finance your education overseas can sometimes be even more difficult than getting into medical school. So if you’re a Canadian citizen and planning on studying medicine in Australia, Caribbean, UK, Ireland, or anywhere else in the […]

Unlike most student loans you get at the bank, OSAP does not require a co-signer. The maximum amount given to a student studying outside of Ontario or overseas is $210 a week. Therefore, if your study period is longer then you’re eligible for more funding. The trick to getting the maximum amount is to have […]