If you are an international medical student, i.e. one who’s not studying at a Canadian university, then don’t even bother applying for a medical elective at the University of Western Ontario.  I sent in my application near the beginning of 2010 along with the hefty fee of $500 CAD for a 4-week elective.  When applying […]

The 2 universities in Montreal are McGill University (English speaking) and University of Montreal (French speaking).  How to contact McGill University Faculty of Medicine to set up your medical electives: Mailing Address: McGill University Faculty of Medicine 3655 Drummond Street, Montreal, Quebec, N3G 1Y6   Telephone Number: +1 514 398 3517 Fax Number: +1 514 […]

Toronto is one of the best cities on earth.  It is full of life and diverse in ethnicity.  Get the most out of your medical elective by coming to Toronto and experience the up and coming fast moving pace of medicine in a metropolitan city.  How to contact University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine to […]