Since Hallowe’en is coming up I’ve decided to feature a bunch of Emergency room related blogs for you to read! It’s disgusting medicine at its best. Venous Chill Trauma Queen Letter to a Drug Rep Panda Bear, MD Haunted, Part I Flatline Soldier Knifed in Head Grunt Doc Your Friendly Neighbourhood Plumber Hallway 4 Needless […]

Here are some medical posts from around the blogosphere that I found entertaining yet thought provoking.  How do I have time to read all of it while attending medical school?  Simple – I don’t go to class. Pity the Poor Soldier Dr. Crippen Work Out Fanatic Medstudentitis Shutting Down Fat Doctor Loss Neonatal Doc Challenges […]

Best Medical Blogs – Week Ending October 12, 2007

Friday is usually my favourite day. It’s not because Friday is the start of the weekend, it’s because I get to share with you all some awesome posts I’ve come across this week written by people who are in the health profession. Here’s a collection of articles written by a wide range of people who […]

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It seems like every week I come across hundreds of great medical blogs to read.  Here are some of the best medical blog articles for the week.  Some of them you might not even have heard of before but deserve recognition, while some on the list have been around for awhile and I hope that […]

Here is a list of some of the best medical blog articles for the week. Some of them are written by pre-medical students and medical students while others are written by doctors or people in the health profession. A Year Later Pseudo-Doctor Schedule of My Academic Life Dr. K Is It Time to Rethink Your […]

Here are some of the interesting medical blog related articles for the week!  Have a nice weekend everybody! Fear and Innocence Beach Bum Emergency Medicine Residency Part I Panda Bear MD Plastic Surgery Dr. Smak Mystery Illness from Outer Space Scalpel or Sword? Going to Hell? Country Doctor The Point of No Return Denver Doc […]

Medical Blogs – Week Ending September 14, 2007

Here are some great medical students’ blogs from around the world that I found enjoyable to read this week. To Prove to Dad that I’m Not a Fool Future Dr. House The Shadow of Medicine Pseudo Doctor The Ritz It Is Not From Medskool A Thing Called Love Island Med Student Family Clinic Medstudentitis Summer […]

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Medical Blogs – Week Ending September 7, 2007

You’ve read the rest, now here are the best! Some of my favourite medical entries for the week. Thoughts on the Tenure Clock Dr. K 30 Things Jennifer Hawke Things I Would Cite as the Bane of My Life Unprotected Text Puppy Love Surgeonsblog Nail Guns American Medic in Britain Robotic Marketing Dr. Wes Lucky […]

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Here are some of my favourite articles of the week from some of my favourite medical blogs (in no particular order)! Wok a Bargain Unprotected Text Orientation Jitters Dr. K Remember Me this Way Nurse Ruff False Conviction Medstudentitis Musings on Hip Pain Anatomy on the Beach Back in the Saddle Future Dr. House Mind […]