Here’s another study guide that will help you with your dental admissions test preparation.  The Kaplan dental admissions test DAT study guide contains hundreds of pages filled with tips and tricks for getting a good score on the DAT.  Some of the subjects include intensive science and quantitative reviews, a reading comprehension practice section, and […]

The 2012 Barron’s Dental Admissions Test study guide for the American DAT is a must have if you want to do well on the test.  It covers all the subjects you need to know with added valuable tips for scoring 20+ on each section.  High yield subjects include biology, chemistry, and organic chemistry as well […]

There are 3 full DAT practice tests in this set contained within 363 pages for you to download for free excluding reading comprehension. The tests contain practice dental admissions test questions on survey of natural sciences (general chemistry, organic chemistry, and general biology), math, and all sections of the perceptual ability test. After you have […]

The perceptual ability test is an important component of the dental admissions test in both the American computerized version and the Canadian written version. The only way to do well on the perceptual ability test (PAT) is to do as many practice tests as possible. These 3 PAT practice tests contain 90 questions each with […]

The DAT biology, biochemistry, chemistry, and math study guide contains 109 pages of practice questions and answers to help you prepare for the American and Canadian computerized and paper dental admissions test. This study guide contains 100 general chemistry questions with answers, 50 organic chemistry questions with answers, 100 biology questions with answers, and 61 […]

Cube counting is an important component of the Perceptual Ability Test (PAT) portion of the Canadian and American dental admissions test. This cube counting practice test contains 23 pages of problems for you to test your perceptual ability. The answers are also available.

The DAT dental admissions test 777 pages comprehensive study guide contains useful information to help you supplement your studying. This study guide is for the American computerized version of the dental admissions test and contains sections on survey of natural sciences which include biology, general chemistry, and organic chemistry. Also contains chapters on perceptual ability, […]

Download free organic synthesis practice questions, answers, and tutorial material.  Organic chemistry is a component of the American dental admissions test, but is not a part of the Canadian dental admissions test.  Organic synthesis is an important component of the organic chemistry section of the computerized American DAT.

Score well on the organic chemistry section of the American Dental Admissions Test with this set of practice exams and study notes. Full explanations and answers are given. Download the free tests and study notes.