Brown University School of Medicine which, unusually, has an eight-year college and medical course and is affiliated with Rhode Island Hospital.  The Rhode Island Hospital has 719 beds and is the largest hospital in the state.  The Bradley (child psychiatric center), Butler (psychiatric), Mirian (247-bed general hospital with research), Memorial (294-bed general/rehabilitation hospital), Woman (obstetrics), Infants and the local VA hospitals are also associated.  For medical electives here at this prestigious Ivy League school there are no tuition fees and malpractice insurance for medical students is very low.

How to contact Brown University School of Medicine to set up your medical student electives:

Brown University School of Medicine

97 Waterman St., Providence, RI 02912-9706

Telephone Number: +1 401863 2149

Fax Number: +1 401 863 2660