It seems like every week I come across hundreds of great medical blogs to read.  Here are some of the best medical blog articles for the week.  Some of them you might not even have heard of before but deserve recognition, while some on the list have been around for awhile and I hope that they stick around for years to come.  Enjoy and Happy Friday!

The Most Dangerous Chemical on the Market
Drug Monkey

The Time for Candy Coating is Over
The Angry Pharmacist

Anonymous Medical Blogger Sued
Pure Pedantry

The Sweet with The Bitter
Unprotected Text

Breast Reconstruction Part I
Suture for a Living

MRSA – A Silent Stigma
The Biopsy Report

Not Enough Doctors
The Bitter Pill

Virtual Colonoscopy Studies Released
Life Signs

Stealing from the Closet
Everyone Needs Therapy

Concierge Physician
Scott Shreeve