Right now it sucks hard, but I constantly remind myself that I’m almost done my first year of medicine here in Australia so the pain is somewhat manageable. To be honest, the whole year seems to just fly by and it feels like I’ve been on autopilot for quite sometime now. The weekdays are pretty routine… almost like a 9-5 job… and the weekends you use to catch up on work from previous weeks. I have to tell you though, no matter how hard you try to catch up on your readings, you never get to the point where you know it all. In fact, I still feel like I know nothing. Medicine is challenging, but I’ve never been the one to back down from a challenge. Even though sometimes you feel like giving up, there are 2 important things that get me through the day.

Medical School Friends

I love my friends from class. I’m sure that we’ll remain friends even after we graduate. I do have a sick and twisted sense of humour that’s often laced with sarcasm and I’m glad that these people get me and my lame jokes. On top of laughing together, we whine together, cry together, and boink each other when things get too stressful… OK not the last one. Seriously though, we’re all going to have to endure a lot of crap throughout medical school and I’m glad I have these people to bitch to about.

Take Breaks

If I didn’t take a break from medicine I think I would go insane or at the very least be medicated. I take breaks by working on my websites, learn about things other than medicine, i.e. how to cook, and hang out with people who aren’t in my class. It’s very important to have a balance. You can’t stop your life for medicine otherwise you’re just going to hate it. After all, being a doctor is just another job. I’m sure there are doctors out there who hate their jobs – I don’t intend on being one of them.

What gets you through the day?