Well that was the shortest summer vacation I have ever had… yes it’s still summer in Australia and I’ve already been in school for a couple of weeks.  Welcome to my hell… errr Third Year Medicine.  To kick things off we had a party at our place.  Surprisingly I was not drunk at all.  I […]

I’m sure most of you who are on student loans in Canada have figured out by now that the current bank lending rate on professional lines of credit is now at a low 3.0% which is the current Canadian prime rate.  This is great if you have to borrow a lot of money to finance […]

How to contact the Royal Brisbane Hospital to set up your medical electives: Royal Brisbane Hospital Herston Road, Herston, Brisbane, Queensland 4006 Telephone Number: +61 7 3253 8111 Fax Number: +61 7 3857 4462 The Royal Brisbane hospital is a large 800-bed, 500,000 admissions a year hospital. It is a 15 minute bus ride from […]

Athought considered by many to be more of a country town than a city, Adelaide has wonderful beaches, wines and a good music scene.  It’s not usually on the tourist route and hence is not so often visited on electives.  This is a good place to go, however, if you’ve done Australia before and want […]