Life: It sucks when you’re a medical student.  I just finished an essay and about to start another one.  I’m pretty sure the first one makes no sense but I don’t care anymore.  I’m sick of looking at its ugly face all night.  Why must they insist we keep writing about crap which I might […]

Christchurch School of Medicine is in and uses Christchurch Hospital for its clinical training.  It is the major teaching hospital of the University of Otago.  They can arrange electives in all specialities, alhtough some students have found that they can’t do general medicine or surgery as these are full with their own students.  This is […]

Quitting Medical School

My apologies to those who visit this site regularly.  I haven’t posted anything regarding my life recently mainly because I haven’t had anything to talk about.  My life has become boring and everyday is a routine.  Sometimes I feel like I’m just going through the motions without any cognitive awareness of where I am half […]

There are 3 full DAT practice tests in this set contained within 363 pages for you to download for free excluding reading comprehension. The tests contain practice dental admissions test questions on survey of natural sciences (general chemistry, organic chemistry, and general biology), math, and all sections of the perceptual ability test. After you have […]

Brown University School of Medicine which, unusually, has an eight-year college and medical course and is affiliated with Rhode Island Hospital.  The Rhode Island Hospital has 719 beds and is the largest hospital in the state.  The Bradley (child psychiatric center), Butler (psychiatric), Mirian (247-bed general hospital with research), Memorial (294-bed general/rehabilitation hospital), Woman (obstetrics), […]

UPENN school of medicine was founded in 1765 by Benjamin Franklin, the school claims to have been the first medical school in the United States of America.  It is well known as one of the Ivy League universities.  Affiliated hospitals include the University of Pennsylvania Hosptal, the VA, teh Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Phoenixville and […]

Darthmouth medical school is the fourth oldest school in the USA dating back to 1797 and is part of the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center which incldues the Mary Hitchcock memorial Hospital, Cotton Cancer Center and White River Junction VA.  The Dartmouth-Hitchcock Clinic is very large, serving 1.5 million people and containing 372 beds. How to contact […]

Download 3 Free Perceptual Ability Test Practice for the Dental Admissions Test DAT

The perceptual ability test is an important component of the dental admissions test in both the American computerized version and the Canadian written version. The only way to do well on the perceptual ability test (PAT) is to do as many practice tests as possible. These 3 PAT practice tests contain 90 questions each with […]

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With its Golden Gate Bridge and rich culture, San Francisco is often considered to be the most pleasant part of California – a sharp contrast to its nearest neighbour, Los Angeles. How to contact University of California San Francisco School of Medicine to set up your overseas medical electives: University of California San Francisco School […]

Yale University School of Medicine was established in 1810 and with the nursing school and hospital forms part of the Yale-New Haven Medical Center.  The local VA, the Connecticut Mental Center, the St. Raphael and Waterbury Hospitals and the Yale Psychiatric hospitals are associates. How to contact Yale University School of Medicine to set up […]