Important Information on Medical Electives in Australia

Australia is a very popular destination.  Early planning is key as most hospitals work on a first come, first served basis.  It is also worth nothing that Australian students have a massive summer holiday between November and February.  This can mean that the hospitals get a bit quiet – good if you want individual attention […]

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“The London” is a busy teaching hospital in the rough East End of London. Nearly all specialties are catered for. The emergency department is highly regarded. It has a helicopter emergency medical service on the roof that deals with all major trauma within the area enclosed by the M25 motorway. The emergency department has a […]

St. Martholomew’s and the Royal London hospital merged withi Queen Mary and Westfield in 1993.  Bart’s is situated within the Square Mile of the city of Lonon in an attractive courtyard setting.  “The London” is in the Whitechapel, a pretty deprived area of London with many Asian and Muslim immigrants.  The hospitals therefore span the […]

The DAT biology, biochemistry, chemistry, and math study guide contains 109 pages of practice questions and answers to help you prepare for the American and Canadian computerized and paper dental admissions test. This study guide contains 100 general chemistry questions with answers, 50 organic chemistry questions with answers, 100 biology questions with answers, and 61 […]

Cube counting is an important component of the Perceptual Ability Test (PAT) portion of the Canadian and American dental admissions test. This cube counting practice test contains 23 pages of problems for you to test your perceptual ability. The answers are also available.

I bought the Littmann III cardiology stethoscope earlier this year for medical school because it was manadatory.  Overall I am happy with it, but the stethoscope itself is a little heavier than the Littmann Classic.  Most of my classmates bought the Littmann classic stethoscope.  Some chick in my class even bought a hot pink stethoscope.  […]

Running since the 1950s, UCLA is associated with the University Medical Centre, the UCLA Ambulatory Medical Plaza, the Mater Children’s Hospital, the Stein Eye Institute, the VA, Cedars-Sinai and Olive View Medical Centres and teh Santa Monical Hospital.  UCLA has recently acquired the Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center wiith 363 beds, an emergency centre, ITU, […]

The 2007 Therapeutic Guidelines contain guidelines in Analgesic (2007), Antibiotic (2006), Cardiovascular (2003), Dermatology (2004), Endocrinology (2004), Gastrointestinal (2006), Neurology (2007), Oral and Dental (2007), Palliative Care (2005), Psychotropic (2003), Respiratory (2006), Rheumatology (2007), and Developmental Disability (2005). This is an excellent resource for medical students and doctors.