Toronto is one of the best cities on earth.  It is full of life and diverse in ethnicity.  Get the most out of your medical elective by coming to Toronto and experience the up and coming fast moving pace of medicine in a metropolitan city.  How to contact University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine to […]

Download free organic synthesis practice questions, answers, and tutorial material.  Organic chemistry is a component of the American dental admissions test, but is not a part of the Canadian dental admissions test.  Organic synthesis is an important component of the organic chemistry section of the computerized American DAT.

Stanford is a prestigious American university located in Stanford, California, about 60km from the beautiful city of San Francisco. The medical school’s university library has one of the most impressive medical collections in the world. How to contact Stanford School of Medicine to set up your medical electives: Mailing Address: Stanford University School of Medicine […]

How to contact Harvard Medical School to set up your medical electives: Mailing Address: Harvard Medical School 25 Shattuck Street, Boston, MA 02115-6092   Telephone Number: +1 617 432 0442 Fax Number: +1 617 432 0446 Website:   You can check out the Harvard Medical School electives catalogue here:   Hospitals and Centers […]

The Royal Prince Alfred Hospital is linked to Sydney University located in one of the Bohemian student areas of Sydney, Australia.  The hospital is located about 10-20 minutes bus ride from the city centre.  It’s a friendly hospital with specialties in breast cancer and liver transplantation.  The RPA Hospital also has a very busy emergency […]

There are 2 universities in the state of Victoria. The University of Melbourne is located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and Monash University is located 20km outside of Melbourne in Clayton, Melbourne, Australia. The University of Melbourne has a total of 3 teaching hospitals. University of Melbourne Medical Elective Contact Information: University of Melbourne Faculty of […]

This Guest Post was written by Luther Everybody should be looking out for their own well-being to insure that they can live a long healthy life. One great way of staying abreast of breaking Health News is by reading magazines, watching the news, and browsing the internet. If one is educated in the area of […]

There at 2 universities based in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.  Both the University of New South Wales (UNSW) and the University of Sydney (USyd) each have specific hospitals affiliated to it. University of New South Wales Address and Contact Information: University of New South Wales (UNSW) Faculty of Medicine Anzac Parade, Sydney, New South […]

Australia offers one of the most affordable alternatives for internationals wishing to study medicine abroad. If you’re coming from the US, Canada, or the UK you’re going to enjoy the great exchange rate. Here is the 2008 list of the most current medical school tuition fees for full fee paying international students in $AUD. The […]

Score well on the organic chemistry section of the American Dental Admissions Test with this set of practice exams and study notes. Full explanations and answers are given. Download the free tests and study notes.

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