Since Hallowe’en is coming up I’ve decided to feature a bunch of Emergency room related blogs for you to read! It’s disgusting medicine at its best. Venous Chill Trauma Queen Letter to a Drug Rep Panda Bear, MD Haunted, Part I Flatline Soldier Knifed in Head Grunt Doc Your Friendly Neighbourhood Plumber Hallway 4 Needless […]

I am really looking forward to finishing up my medical exams and going on vacation!  Damn I deserve a vacation.  Too bad the only place I can afford to go to right now is down the street to that “professional masseur’s” parlour – you know the one who’s been polluting the local water with gonnorhea […]

I know I haven’t been posting stories about my current adventures at an Australian medical school lately.  That’s because I’m holding out until my final exams are done.  I’m currently in the middle of my medical school exam period and won’t be PUTTING OUT (new stories that is) until after I finish.  In the meantime […]

Pre-Meds Would Do ANYTHING to Get into Medical School

If you ask any pre-med student, “what would you do for a chance to study medicine?”  ninety-nine per cent of them will answer with an emphatic, “ANYTHING!” and then regret it later on.  Sometimes I feel like I’m trapped in a really bad reality television show along with thousands of other people all fighting for […]

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This e-book contains over 300 pages filled with USMLE questions, answers, and full explanations. Chapters include infectious diseases, rheumatology, pulmonary disease, cardiology, endocrinology and metabolic diseases, gastroenterology, and neurology…

Here are some medical posts from around the blogosphere that I found entertaining yet thought provoking.  How do I have time to read all of it while attending medical school?  Simple – I don’t go to class. Pity the Poor Soldier Dr. Crippen Work Out Fanatic Medstudentitis Shutting Down Fat Doctor Loss Neonatal Doc Challenges […]

This book contains 500 medical microbiology questions for the USMLE plus answers and full explanations. Over 250 pages of valuable information about medical microbiology to help you study for the USMLE. It contains high yield concepts and chapters on virology, bacteriology, mycology, parisitology, immunology, and much much more!

The preventative medicine and public health self-assessment and self-review is an essential e-book to help you pass the USMLE. This pdf file contains 249 pages of USMLE type questions, answers, and full explanations. Chapters include biostatistics and methods of epidemiology, prevention of communicable diseases, environmental and occupational health, and lots more…

The USMLE physical diagnosis study guide contains over 300 pages of practice material. This USMLE e-book offers 500 USMLE style questions with answers and full explanations. There are chapters on general principles of disease, dermatology, respiratory system, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, rheumatology, and lots more!

Best Medical Blogs – Week Ending October 12, 2007

Friday is usually my favourite day. It’s not because Friday is the start of the weekend, it’s because I get to share with you all some awesome posts I’ve come across this week written by people who are in the health profession. Here’s a collection of articles written by a wide range of people who […]

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