I know I haven’t wrote anything in a LONG time, but you know how it is – life just gets in the way and before you know it you stop spending hours on end in front of a computer masturbating posting several times a day just so you don’t have to open another anatomy book. Anyway, here’s a list of things that got me through first year medicine.

1. Friends – If it weren’t for the great people I have met throughout this year I probably would’ve quit medicine all together and become a low budget adult film star. Thankfully I didn’t. My mother would not have been impressed. You need friends in school and friends outside of school. Basically you need people to bitch to all the time because medicine requires A LOT of bitching and moaning… and crying.

2. Food – Well yeah that’s a given. We all need food to survive. I don’t think I have eaten out this much in my life. You basically don’t have time to cook or clean while you’re in school. Thank god there are plenty of fast food restaurants where I live because if it weren’t for those I would’ve starved to death… or began gnawing my left hand.

3. Crushes – We all have that special someone in our lives that just puts a smile on our faces no matter how shitty things get. For some, it’s a kangaroo that does the trick, but for me it’s somebody from the past that I think of all the time. She keeps me alive… sort of like my life support. Sometimes I wish she was here to tell me how proud she is of me in person.

4. Sense of Humour – You’re going to need this when you start medicine. Trust me. I was actually shocked to find out medical students are quite funny in general. Well then again we’ve only just begun and probably in 4 years time we’re all going to be jaded pricks.

5. Heroes – Sometimes you just need that break from medicine. During mid-semester break I watched the ENTIRE first season of Heroes in 2 days! It’s actually a really good show. I also kept up to date on Scrubs, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Survivor, Beauty and the Geek, Samantha Who, The Office, and a bunch of others. Yes I needed LOTS of breaks during medical school.

6. Hmmm did I say “10” I mean 6 if you count this one. Sorry I’ve become a half-assed blogger. OK I’ll give you some dirt for the last one then. #6 will be “Real Life Drama.” Most of my classmates are sleeping with each other… even Bob the midget. Everyone except me. Well I managed to get one of my classmates to stalk me. Yes! My very first stalker! But NO she’s in my class. These next couple of years are going to be tricky.